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Cotton Patch Geese.
Once commonplace on farms in the southeastern United States., the Cotton Patch is a breed of goose that gets its name from the job it performed by weeding cotton and corn fields up until the 1950s. (Goslings: $50.00 each).  Shipping charges apply.
Rare Heritage Turkeys.

Regal Red and Midget Black Wing Bronze (MWBWB). These birds were thought to be extinct but we're keeping these amazing lines in tact.  We acquired the last of the Dr. Tom T. Walker lines and are ecstatic that these birds are flourishing. (Poults $50.00 each). Shipping charges apply.

Haven Acres Ranch

Livestock Guardian Dogs  (Our protective heartbeats).
We specialize in evaluating and training Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD's) who protect our hooved and feathered animals. We work with the Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd breeds and Pyr/Anatolian crosses.  
Bielfelder Chicken Hatching Eggs.
This is the uber chicken: autosexing, beautiful, friendly, and it lays gorgeous jumbo eggs! If you buy just one breed, this is it. ($9.00 per egg).  Shipping charges apply.
Organic Gardens.

We grow veggies and fruits for local farmer's markets and retail lawn and garden centers using the Certified Naturally Grown practices.  We specialize in young plants to give you a head start on your own patch of land.